The Epidemic of Worry

We’ve had a tutorial on Anxiety & Depression this year. The election campaign isn’t really about policy proposals, issue solutions or even hope. It’s led by two candidates who arouse […]

How to Stop Overprescribing Antibiotics

ANTIBIOTICS are an indispensable weapon in every physician’s arsenal, but when prescribed unnecessarily for nonbacterial infections like the common cold, as they too often are, they provide no benefit and […]

Is It Old Age, or A.D.H.D.?

Heightened awareness of A.D.H.D. is bringing increased referrals of elderly adults to specialty clinics. “A child had been treated, then a parent, then everyone started looking at Grandpa, and saying, […]

Is It Really A.D.H.D. or Just Immaturity?

New research shows that the youngest students in a classroom are more likely to be given a diagnosis of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder than the oldest. The findings raise questions […]

Addiction As A Chronic Medical Condition

The question of effective treatment for alcohol- and substance-use disorders is more pressing than ever. According to a recent article in The New England Journal of Medicine, the number of […]

A Drug To Cure Fear

WHO among us hasn’t wanted to let go of anxiety or forget about fear? Phobias, panic attacks and disorders like post-traumatic stress are extremely common: 29 percent of American adults […]

In Age of Digital Records, Paper Still Carries Weight

The rush to electronic information was prompted by the best intentions. According to the Department of Health and Human Services, “using electronic health records will reduce paperwork and administrative burdens, […]

Do Sleeping Pills Induce Restorative Sleep?

There is quite a bit of evidence about the negative health consequences of insomnia, but researchers don’t know precisely what it is in the brain and body that is “restored” […]

Parenthood, Survey Say’s, It’s Stressful

The difficulty of balancing it all. Working parents say they feel stressed, tired, rushed and short on quality time with their children, friends, partners or hobbies. That tension is affecting American […]

When A Patient Want’s to End Therapy

The analytic method, of course, does not involve telling people what to do but rather helping them understand themselves. The analogy is timeworn: Give a person a fish and she’ll […]

Try Drawing Without Looking At The Paper.

This technique, I later discovered, is a classic intro-­to-­art exercise called “blind contour drawing.” Freshmen at art school are forced to draw blindly for hours. It’s the fastest way to […]

How To Foster Inauthenticity

Nobody is shocked to learn that everybody’s Instagram is a lie. Even the most laissez-faire point-and-shoot photographer is constructing an aesthetic and a narrative with the pictures she chooses to […]

Aristotle On The Roots Of ‘Madness’

It’s an idea from the ancients. The philosopher Aristotle famously opined that genius and madness go hand in hand. Psychiatric studies have to some degree supported the adage. Studies of […]

How To Write A Country Song

This NY Times Magazine  article by Malia Wollan has nothing whatsoever to do with therapy, psychiatry, adult ADHD, addiction etc. (you get the picture), but it was fun to read and […]

Mood Disorders

Almost everyone experiences at least brief periods of sadness, feeling “down”, or being energetic and upbeat at various points in his/her lifetime. That’s just part of being human. However, there’s […]

Individual & Family Therapy

The skills of the family therapist thus include the ability to influence conversations in a way that catalyses the strengths, wisdom, and support of the greater system. The goal of […]

Adult ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder)

ADHD symptoms often include an inability to focus, disorganization, and restlessness. Adults with ADHD may have a hard time organizing things, listening to instructions, remembering details, or difficulty completing tasks, […]

Anxiety Disorders

Anxiety is a disorder marked by excessive, irrational fear and dread. Experiencing occasional anxiety & depression is a normal part of life, something everyone faces at some point. Feeling anxious […]


Everyone occasionally feels sad or down, but these feelings are typically short-lived and pass within a few days. A diagnosis of depression means the sadness is persistent and interferes with […]

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

PTSD can occur at any age, including childhood. Women are more likely to develop PTSD than men, and there is some evidence that susceptibility to the disorder may run in […]

Psychiatric Consultations

A psychiatric consultation is a comprehensive evaluation based on your psychological, biological, medical, and social causes of distress. Dr. Ditzell will work with you to review current and past stressors, […]

DSM Codes Explained

About DSM-5 Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM) is the standard classification of mental disorders used by mental health professionals in the United States and contains a listing […]

Medication Management

Medication management includes the initial evaluation of a patient’s need for psychotropic medications, prescribing and monitoring prescriptions, and ongoing monitoring, evaluating, and adjusting the prescribed medication. It is common that […]

Noise Machines & Insomnia

The Dohm, the quintessential therapists noise machine. The calming hiss of the Dohm signals that the room has been reset, but can it help with insomnia? To be both digitally tuned in […]

Speed Bumps on the Way to an A.D.H.D. Diagnosis

Undiagnosed, A.D.H.D. can wreak havoc on relationships, finances and one’s self-esteem. Adults with the disorder are twice as likely as those without it to be divorced, for instance, and four […]

What is GeneSight Testing?

GeneSight is a genetic test that helps healthcare providers take a personalized approach to prescribing medicine for patients. Because genes influence the way a person’s body responds to specific medications, […]

Substance Abuse

Alcoholism and addiction are undoubtedly the most stigmatized and misunderstood illnesses in our society. Addiction is a chronic condition and should be treated as such; it occurs when the substance […]