Nutrition Coaching

In order to live up to our highest potential, we need to fuel our bodies properly.

At Dr. Ditzell Psychiatry we know the important role nutrition plays in your mental health and overall well-being. Whether you’re looking to improve your symptoms of anxiety, depression, or ADD/ADHD; heal a tarnished relationship with food; or have a schedule so busy that nutrition is put on the back burner, our Registered Dietitian is here to help. Instead of implementing restrictive diets and dreaded weigh-ins, we measure progress with more important metrics. We all want to have more energy, sleep well, and feel good. That’s why we call her the “Feel Good Dietitian”.

By focusing on other measures of health such as sleep, energy, digestion and mood, we can improve all aspects of health while feeling good in the process. Our coaching provides accountability, consistency and structure and it’s been proven that it takes 66 days to make lasting behavior change. Whether you need a lifestyle reboot, guidance for athletic performance, or are looking to ease symptoms of anxiety, depression or other mental illnesses, you’re only 66 days away from an improved you. If you’re ready to level up your performance in all areas of your life, give us a call.